Micah Henry
K.Bray Jorstad

Henry and Jorstad
is a director duo working
out of Vancouver Canada
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Micah Henry is a Vancouver based filmmaker and visual artist. In his work he blurs the lines of naturalism and surrealism as a tool to explore concepts relatable both personally and globally. His work has been screened in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto and the National Screen Institute. Always moving forward with honest work, Micah continues to use motion picture as the canvas to express their narrative. Also is learning that the whole being and adult thing is like, super hard.

K.Bray Jorstad.
a Vancouver based cinematographer and director working within the arts and fashion community utilizing film and digital as means to create visuel stories and motifs through an array of commercial and narrative work.  


​Published work
Top Mag
Aptiruer Germany
On Art
Paper Mag
Beat Route

Canadian Independent Film Festival

Biggest Things - Official Selection 2020


LA underground Film Festival

Biggest Things - Honorable Mention 2019


Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival

Biggest Things - Official Selection

NSI Short Film Festival
Biggest Things -Grand Jur's Selection - 2019

Art Speak Poland  Premier Warsaw Gallery
We Want Danger - Grand Jur's Selection 2019

Victoria Short Film Festival

We Want Danger - Offical Selection 2019

Oasis Film Festival  
We Want Danger - Offical Selection 2019

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